Horticultural capital

The agri-food sector is well established in the province of Limburg. Today, 25 percent of all open field vegetables in the Netherlands are still grown in Limburg. This long-standing relationship has also created diversification and brought innovations to the region. Livestock, fruit, agricultural technology, as well as the protein transition all have their respective places in the vast agri-food landscape of Limburg. The history, innovation, and strategic positioning have ensured a beneficial climate for the sector to flourish.


Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo

The Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo is part of the Brightlands concept, an open innovation community in Limburg that brings together innovative entrepreneurs, researchers, and students in a specific sector. At Greenport Venlo they are specifically focused on tomorrow’s food where the fields of healthy and safe nutrition, future farming, and a biocircular economy are key elements. Together they work on making Limburg and the rest of the world a healthier and more sustainable place.

of total employment
€1 bln
turnover per year

Limburg offers more

Limburg is ideally located between Germany and Belgium, providing perfect logistic access to the European hinterland. The region around Greenport Venlo also showcases some business parks that are solely focused on the agri-food sector. Fresh Park Venlo (130 hectares) focuses on the production and transportation of fresh produce, while business parks such as California (235 hectares) and Siberia (200 hectares) both look at the greenhouse horticulture sector, for example. The geographical positioning together with the business parks and educational institutes, generate a favorable business environment for the agri-food sector to create solutions for the bigger societal challenges.


A strategic location: horticulture region

The Greenport Venlo region is located on the German border in the northern part of the province. The ideal logistic facilities of Limburg make this the perfect place to not only serve the Dutch but also the European market. Several multimodal logistic spots in the province enable a quick and fast reach into Europe and beyond.


Soft landing track: agri-food

LIOF assists foreign, small, and medium-sized companies with their European business launch by means of its “Soft Landing Track Agri-food.” You can benefit from our excellent network in the sector. From first contact to introductions with the right service providers as well as through facilitating tailor-made, fact-finding tours for business orientation on the Limburg region, your location is a European Agri-food gateway! 

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