• The Southernmost corner of The Netherlands; where the Belgian, German, and Dutch markets intersect
  • The second largest horticulture region in Europe with Europe's greatest Fresh & Food hub
  • The agrifood campus Brightlands Venlo, innovation driven in Future Farming, Healthy and safe nutrition, and biocircular economy
  • Direct proximity to leading trade shows in metropoles such as Berlin, Cologne and Hannover
  • A strategic location for pan-European warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment especially for fresh food
  • Hands on business mentality ensuring productive legal, accounting, and tax solutions.




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LIOF is the regional development and investment company responsible for the Dutch province of Limburg. We are a governmental agency and our services are free of charge. 

Our core activities

  • We help local small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with innovative ideas, business plans, financing requests and we can provide venture capital
  • We help foreign entrepreneurs to establish in Limburg to access and/or service the European market
  • We also help local businesses and foreign companies with cross-border cooperation and international trade.

These core activities have resulted in an extensive LIOF network of public and private contacts, that we refer to as "The Essentials".


Our network

"The Essentials"

We connect you with the right service providers


Importing food into the EU

Expertise in our network for dealing with questions around EU food law compliance (non-animal, animal, composite origine), hygiene requirement on storage and processing.

Health claims on food and food innovations

Health claims need to be scientifically substantiated under the EU Nutrition and Health Claim Regulation; the Health Claim Center Venlo at Brightlands Venlo Campus is the acknowledged expertise center for advise. For food innovation and health impact research companies can partner up with HEFI Venlo, the Health Eating and Food Innovation department of Nutrim (Maastricht University).

R&D and clinical sites partners

Leading research in healthy and safe nutrition, future farming and biocircular economy centralized at the business campus in Venlo (BCGV) and close by the well-known campus in Wageningen (Food Valley).

Industry partners

Limburg and the crossborder region boasts a wealth of specialized SME companies with expertise in development, processing and production of agri- and food products. Special focus on cross-overs with high-tech (agritech) en logistics (agrilogistics).

Marketing, Sales & Distribution Channel partners

To assist in analyzing European markets, developing marketing strategies, as well as to select and manage distributors and distribution channels to achieve structural and sustainable growth.

Warehousing, Logistics & Fulfillment partners

Custom third-party logistics, temperature, controlled warehousing, fulfillment, and freight management solutions as well as back office support services.

Tax and Accounting partners

To ensure that you meet all your tax, accounting and legal requirements in the Netherlands and key target countries.

Expat affairs and staff recruitment

The Expat Centre Maastricht helps you and gives you insight in the necessary procedures with regard to permits. And brings you in contact with partners for staff search & recruitment of clinical staff, business developers and sales reps. They are also in contact with specialized agencies for targeted local sourcing.

And on top of this we offer you access to our large AgriFood/Life Sciences & health network, Technology programs and Venture Capital partners. All of these services are provided with a diverse and inclusive mindset as we truly believe at LIOF that a diverse and inclusive labour force will not only bring companies further but the region as a whole.

Companies which have a European presence in Limburg
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Limburg is a unique part of the Netherlands. In addition to its unique, three countries setting, it also differs greatly in its natural landscape and urban areas to the rest of the Netherlands, with the Maastricht region being the top destination for Dutch and international visitors.

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