Limburg, your way into Europe

Our central position between Rotterdam, Antwerp, and the European hinterland makes Limburg a top logistics hotspot. The main cargo airports of Cologne, Liège, and Brussels are just a stone’s throw away. And Maastricht Aachen Airport ensures safe transport of your cargo. From the terminal in Venlo you have a direct connection to the rail network to China and foreign companies can reach Rotterdam, our national seaport, in no time through this terminal.
The European market is not about to be ignored. Its 244 million consumers make it one of the world’s largest markets.


Where knowledge makes a difference

Limburg offers your company a wide range of knowledge and research institutes, turning out a well-educated population ready and willing to help you sell your products and services. Academia, industry, and government create a steady flow of new ideas, innovations, jobs, and investments.

Brightlands is an international open innovation community in Limburg. Every day 30,000 entrepreneurs, researchers, and students work on breakthroughs in the fields of sustainability, health, and digitization. There are four campuses in Limburg with their own focus areas.


We speak your language

Limburg’s labor force is multilingual by nature. We have the world’s languages at our doorstep. Within just a few minutes, you’ll find yourself in the midst of Flemish, Francophone, German, or Anglophone Europe. And we speak it all.

Limburg has an international business climate:

  • an open culture with an international mindset;
  • a vibrant cosmopolitan community combining business and creativity;
  • an excellent quality of life and relatively low cost of living.


The world is changing at a rapid pace. We all face large societal challenges such as creating a society that is smarter, more sustainable, and healthier. All this is happening in the context of the environmental pressure on our planet, the increasing scarcity of resources, and the growing influence of technology.

Based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we chose four transitions which are most relevant to Limburg and are based on the unique international position and innovative ecosystem of the province. Our government works with industry, knowledge institutions, civil society organizations, and other authorities to achieve this sustainable economy.


Four transitions are the common thread in our business



We aim to achieve optimal use of sustainable and efficient energy systems as we work toward green company processes.


Our focus is on an entrepreneurial climate in which circular business activities and economic returns go hand in hand.


We are focusing on innovations in healthcare that contribute to a healthier Limburg.


We aim to support companies in their digitalisation technology process as this is a vital technology to implement all transitions and is therefore crucial for the competitive position of SMEs in Limburg.
Talent map.png


Limburg offers you a multilingual and highly skilled workforce, and due to our location we have the world’s languages on our doorstep. Within just a few minutes, you’ll find yourself in the midst of Dutch-Flemish, Francophone, German, or Anglophone Europe. Since the Netherlands is part of the European Union, companies based in the Netherlands can hire talent from all other member states.

A wide range of knowledge and research institutes turn out a well-educated population ready and willing to help you sell your products and services; this talent in the Netherlands is a huge draw for foreign companies. We call it ‘fit for the future.’

Dutch and therefore Limburg participation in life-long learning is very high. This means that the Dutch continue to develop workplace skills even after completion of formal education.


Way of life

Limburg is a unique part of the Netherlands. In addition to its unique, three-countries setting with Belgium and Germany, it also differs greatly in its natural landscape and urban areas to the rest of the Netherlands, with the Maastricht region being the top destination for Dutch and international companies.

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The Limburg Export Monitor

Based on data from the Dutch Central Office for Statistics (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek – CBS), we have developed the Limburg Export Monitor. This monitor gives you an overview of the export figures of the Limburg top sectors over the past five years. As you will see, the percentage of the R&D exports shows you the innovative strength of the region.

The Export Monitor is an interactive monitor and you can manipulate the graphs and select the sectors you are interested in.

Limburg itself is also an important trading partner for companies across the border. Our Limburg top sectors of agri-food, industry, and logistics are an essential link in this.

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