Establishing your business in Limburg

LIOF is your advisor when it comes to establishing your business in Limburg. We know everything about the availability of land and premises, and know the laws and regulations. We can also introduce you to networks that might be of interest to you. This way we ensure an optimal start for your company in Limburg.


We help you to grow your business!

Entrepreneurship has many aspects and phases. LIOF can advise and assist you in these steps. We have knowledge of financing options for each stage of your business. Also for the start. We can advise you on how to translate your idea into a business plan or on how to prepare your business plan for financing. With our special programs, we help strengthen the competitiveness of your company and we have a broad, Euroregional network that we can deploy.


International trade

With more than 350 km of borders with Belgium and Germany, Limburg is in a prime position for international trade. Limburg companies already know how to find partners on the other side of the borders, and there are more economic opportunities outside the border regions. LIOF International Trade Development helps Limburg entrepreneurs identify, develop, and capitalize on these opportunities.

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Doing business in Limburg, and with Limburg

Limburg has much to offer and has a strong, distinctive character. The social and economic trends that have affected the province in recent decades have led to a process of change and renewal. As a result, Limburg has transformed its peripheral location into a highly globalized regional network with proven success in the manufacturing, agri-food and logistics sectors (the so-called big three). That is why an important part of our work is also to attract foreign companies to do business in Limburg, and with Limburg. For this we have developed a special campaign: Food for Thought.

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Every year dozens of trade missions take place. Both incoming delegations that visit our country and our province, and outgoing missions to regions and countries offer interesting opportunities and contacts to present your company or to tap into new sales markets. LIOF is involved in missions that are in line with the leaders of agro-food, industry and logistics, and relevant themes for the province such as energy, circularity, health and digitization.

Stimulating innovation, sustainable foreign investment and entrepreneurship

The Netherlands actively supports new ideas and innovations. By creating a nurturing fiscal environment for forward-thinking companies, the Netherlands stays competitive on the world stage and supports innovation and sustainable investments in the following ways:

R&D tax credit (Wet Bevordering Speur, and Ontwikkelingswerk – WBSO): offers start-ups and innovative companies compensation for part of the R&D wage costs, and other costs and expenditure.

Energy Investment Allowance (Energie-investeringsaftrek – EIA): allows companies to deduct 45.5 percent of the investments in energy-efficient technologies and sustainable energy from the taxable profit on top of the current depreciation rules.

Environmental Investment Deduction (milieu-investeringsaftrek – MIA): allows companies to deduct up to 45 percent of the investment costs for an environmentally friendly investment on top of the current investment tax deductions.

Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments (Willekeurige afschrijving voor milieu-investeringen – Vamil): allows companies to amortize 75 percent of the investment costs of a qualifying environmentally friendly investment at once.