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About Medtronic

Medtronic provides solutions for patients that are in need of medical technology with the development and production of products such as: pace makers, heart valves and spinal implants.

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Why Medtronic chose for Limburg

Europe is the second biggest market for Medtronic, next to the US. The majority of all the innovation that Medtronic uses in their products comes from Europe. Limburg has an international setting, close to German and French speaking areas which also attracts a lot of international people.

Limburg is a very strategically placed area for connecting with hospitals and academic centers and a good area for distribution to the rest of Europe. In Heerlen Medtronic has their biggest distribution center in the world.


Medtronic focusses of improving the quality of live of people.

“For Medtronic the ecosystem on research and innovation in Limburg is very important”
Mark Lazeroms, director of engineering Medtronic