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About FI&S

FI&S provides the food processing industry with food technological functionality by developing, producing and selling custom made blends and solving customers’ problems. The technological functionalities FI&S has to offer include structure, texture, binding, coating, yield, improvement of shelf life, taste and color. By providing functionality to food processors, FI&S is able to make the products of its customers more valuable in terms of economy, customer experience, quantity, product quality, process quality, consistency, (food) safety, reliability and appearance

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Why FI&S chose for Limburg

When looking at geographical position Limburg is a great location with perfect logistics. You’re quickly into Belgium, Germany (Ruhr area) and Luxemburg. There are a lot of universities which enables FI&S to work with and educate students. And it is a great area to live in.


FI&S aims at a more sustainable world in which environmental pressure is reduced by shortening the supply chain.

“This area gives us a great position”
Noud van Stekelenburg, managing director of FI&S